Graeme's New Zealand Blog Flora of Arthur’s Pass
No.1 Outlook to Temple Basin
No. 2 Rimu Tree leaves
No. 3 Moss covered stems
No. 4 Alpine Hounds Tongue Fern and Moss
No.5 Coprosma and Moss
No. 6 Otira River
No. 7 Otira Valley
No.8 Otira Viaduct
No. 9 Hebe native in foreground, Arthurs Pass view near Otira.
No.10 Kea on the attack.
No.11 Wharariki Flax and Inaka Shrub
No.12 Kea perched on rock face.
No.13 Wharariki Native Flax and Tussock
No. 14 Near the Temple Basin.
No.15 Cross view of Otira Viaduct
No.16 Kea take a bite of the Aerial.
No.17 Flowering Mountain Cottonwood, sub Alpine Hebe
No.18 Kea perched in sun.
No.19 Beech Forest trees on the Bridal veil walk
No.20 Harakeke flax on the Dobson walk trail.
No. 21 Roadside view looking down from Dobson Trail.
No.22 Dobson walk Arthur's Pass
No.23 Inaka in fore front
No.24 Mountain rock view on the Dobson Trail.
No.25 Tussock,Celmisias, and Hebe flora.
No.26 Kea off on the wind
no.27 Alpine Celmisia's and Tussock Grass.
No.28 Coprosma, Hebe, and Tussock
No.29 Hikers on the Dobson Walk.
No.30 Mountain Fern and Celmisias
No.31 Inaka ( Dracophyllum longifolium),
No.32 Tussock, Coprosma, and Celmisia plant
No.33 Sub Alpine plants including Kiokio.
No.34 Kea in flight
No.35 Kea bites hard at the aerial..
No.36 Coprosma and flax and fern .
No. 37 Mount cook lilly leaf, Coprosma, and fern
No.38 Celmisia armsrogii, Rock Fora Habitat
No.39 Celmisia, Tussock, and fern.
No.40 Hikers on the Dobson walk Trail
No.41 Coprosma's and tussock
No.42 The outlook from Dobson Walk.
No.43 Kea in glide formation.
No.44 Mount Cook Ranunculus Lyalii, the round leaf plant.
No.45 Middle Earth Look
No.46 Coprosma and Celmisia.
No. 47 Subtle Lichen
No.48 Coprosma Pseudocuneata
No.49 The Arthurs Pass outlooks of Dobson.
No. 50 Wharariki - flax Landscape
No.51 Spectacular Alpine Arthur's Pass.
No.52 Giant looking Lichen
no.53 Beech Trees in the bidal veil walk of Arthur's Pass.
No.54 Wings spread in glide formation.
No.55 Rich greens with moss plant habitats
No.56 Beech moss covered stump in afternoon light.
No.57 Beautiful Forest
No.58 Giant looking Lichen
No.59 Kea perched.
No. 60 Flora ground cover
No.61 Spectacular Beech Forest
No. 62 Ground Flora cloak fallen tree.
No.63 Tall Beech Trees
No.64 Landscape view of the forest and alpine.
No.65 Arthur's Pass Beech Forest
No.66 Giant Weta
No.67 Beech Forest
No.68 Trees frame an outlook of Southern Alps.
No.69 Forest beauty.
No.70 Aged old rocks of the bridal Veil walk.
No.71 Mountain Landscape
No.72 Forest landscape.
No.73 Framed mountain View.
No.74 Middle Earth Forest
No.75 Sub alpline landscape
No.76 Mountain outlook leaving forest.
No.77 Sunburst Lichen on the Dobson Trail
No.78 Mt Cook
No.79 Wonderful Crown Fern
No.80 Tree Fungi
No.81 Small Coprosma, moss and lichen
No.82 Palette of Lichen colours.
No. 83 Kea Parrot
No.84 Moss of sub alpine
No.85 Small Coprosma and moss.
No.86 Fungi bracken